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The mindset of a champion!

HI there!

Lots of research has been done around winners, world champions and success storytellers.

Do you know what was the one thing they all had in common?

They all imagined themselves as winners first. They maintained this image in their mind till they finally reached their goal.

I AM what I wish to be

Think of yourself as healthy and strong.

Think of yourself as confident, passionate and optimistic.

Think of yourself as loved and loving.

Think of yourself as beautiful and capable.

Think of yourself as you wish to be.

Make the colours vibrant, your image big and active.

Feel with all of your heart how amazing it is to be all the above.

Feel the enthusiasm even if it doesn't seem real just yet. Let the imagination do the work and see how your energy shifts.

You will see yourself changing to the right direction.

This right moment may be the beginning of your new life!

You can do it!

I believe in you!

I suggest you practice the above 'exercise' for 2 weeks.

Concentrate on the thoughts and feelings. See yourself gradually changing.

Join our Positive Psychology in Action FB group and let us know about your progress!

Dr Maria Fotiadou

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