“THANK YOU SO MUCH for being patient, but specially for your words of wisdom and guidance. You were there when I was being lost and you gave me the most valuable advice, that took only that to change me and therefore to change my family. if there is Harmony in the family, there is happines as a whole. "


"I always got a lot from your positive approach with what you share & how you communicate & who you are as a person, it had helped me a lot. Thank you for your never ending stream of positive thinking Maria, you are such a beautiful and talented lady."


"When I think of Maria, I am overwhelmed with a sense of well being, and hope.
She is a woman of great intelligence, insight and compassion, Maria instills an energy of such a positive nature that it echoes deep within.
She is able to advise and guide and shine a light when all around is dark and seemingly hopeless.
Moments of self doubt, are turned into strengths and challenges under Maria's guidance. Each step taken with Maria is a step into a new and exciting world, filled with endless possibilities."

Timothy John / Artist / Australia

"I have been in touch with Maria for quite long time. Maria is that type of person whom you have to meet at least once in your life. I love her willingness to express herself in a positive way. Her attitude for positive psychology influences Maria's life only good than bad. My last suggestion is to get in touch with Maria after you read my message, you will not regret"

Alina Bezhenar / Russia

"You are such an inspiration and amazing soul. What a tremendous blessing you are to us all."

G.V. / Therapist / Washington


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