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I am a Health & Positive Psychologist,

Empowerment and Happiness Coach and 

an award winning International Speaker.

I am specialised in Optimism, Happiness and Quality of life working the last 15 years with people dealing with mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression, or/and chronic conditions, such as cancer, diabetes and disabilities, to help them create happiness and abundance in their life. 


I am also a lecturer in two of London's Universities teaching and supervising students and a consultant for younger coaches showing them the principles of Health and Positive Psychology.

I am a published author and currently writing my first Health and Positive Psychology book on Happiness and Mental Health. 

To date, I have worked with thousands of people from around the world, who wish to create a positive mindset and lead a Happy, Joyful, prosperous life and attain their dreams.  

My clients are from different cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds, of all ages, dealing with stress, low-confidence, anxiety and depression, chronic illness and disabilities, and their families. 

My lifetime mission in to Make this World a Better Place! 

Dr Maria Fotiadou, Positive Psychology

My Early journey  


I was born in Thessaloniki, in Greece. The first time I realised my purpose in life was when I was 6 years old. I wanted to be with people and help them be happy. 

My urge to help others came from my experience with depression. When I was a teenager I went into depression which led to bulimia and then anorexia. I could understand what was happening to me but it was not easy to find quick ways to get to a happier state. I started reading books to explore myself, I used my journey to get more insight into the human nature and possiblities. I started writing to get all the negative emotions out on paper. And, once I started getting better, I decided to spread positivity at school by creating visual boards with positive affirmations. I could see the powerful effect of positivity on me and others, long before I studied psychology. 

I studied Psychology and an MSc in Health Psychology, graduating from both as one of the top students. My studies and volunteer work gave me the skills and guided me into my academic career as a researcher and lecturer at Coventry University, UK. I worked on optimism, happiness, wellness and other Health and Positive Psychology projects and coaching programmes designed in England and the USA, with other exceptional professionals and people from around the world (HOPE Programme, Health Management Programme, Photovoice, University of Washington). 

My work has been presented at numerous of international conferences. My talks have been awarded prizes, received grants and media coverage. 

Dr Maria Fotiadou, Positive Psychology, Happiness Coach

My lifetime dream is to help millions of people around the world find happiness & achieve their dreams . I believe that every single person in the world can create miracles! I believe in You! 

Dr Maria Fotiadou


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Moving to Greece


I moved to Greece in 2009, at the beginning of the economic crisis and the whole world was watching a beautiful country changing. 


There was negativity, anger and the possibilities of personal growth seemed limited.

I saw strong people feeling helpless, dissapointed and negative for what was happening and what was about to follow. Most of the people were feeling unable to find resources to get help and guidance so I started using my Positive Psychology knowledge and skills to create a movement of positivity. 


I gave birth to new ideas and I started giving talks, organising events and workshops to spread the power of positive thinking and creativity. I worked with groups of people facing anxiety teaching them ways to build positivity in difficult times. The results were astonishing! 

I also built my personal brand as an entepreneur. I created my Happiness coaching company and started getting established in my area, connecting with people from around the globe. 

I also founded Life Treasure Collector with the support of my brother Panos, a platform looking for inspirational stories that reflect optimism, hope and success.

My journey in Greece was unique and extraordinary in many aspects.

Difficult, challenging but rewarding in the end. 

Everything is possible for the person that believes!

A Happy Life is possible if you are willing enough to achieve it!  

In 2015, I applied for the This Is Your Life Change competition for people having a big dream to make a positive change in the world. 

Out of 3500 people worldwide, I was one of the 6 finalists to travel for two weeks to Vorovoro, a 200 acres remote island in Fiji, in the middle of the crystal blue South Pacific Ocean. I traveled to Fiji on August, 2015, where I met other amazing people from the UK, USA and Australia. Kim, Dan, Ben, Roxanne and Alistair became friends for life. The trip received worldwide media coverage. 


We lived with the native tribe of the island, in small wooden houses, next to the cliff-topped jungle and paradise beach covered with palm trees and ringed by a spectacular coral reef teeming with life. During the two weeks, we got business training, went through daily challenges aiming to get us out of our comfort zone, and made plans for the next steps to take our work further. At the same time we spend time with the tribe, the chief Tui Mali and got involved with the local customs and communities. The nights around the campfire were for deep conversations and stargazing. 

From swimming in the Pacific ocean for 3 hours next to sharks and sea-snakes, running on a hot day up and down the beach carrying coconuts and helping the locals to sell their food at the open market to getting intensive training by Mark Bowness and Ryan Magdziarz to get our business to the next level. Each day was unique and magical and the time spent on the island was life changing. Vorovoro was an one time life experience! 

Bula Sia! 

This is Your Life Change

Vorovoro, Fiji


I collaborate with professionals from around the world.

I am part of Health, Positivity and Spirituality organisations that aim to make a positive change to the world and an active member of Positive Psychology groups.  

I became an ambassador of Velosophy in collaboration with UNICEF, helping urban commuters create a better and healthier lifestyle. For every bike we receive, we pay it forward. Using the one-for-one philosophy, we help schoolgirls in Ghana inrease their school attendance. 

I have built a big committed community of thousands of people on social media that follows daily my posts on Happiness and Positivity and my journey. I have created the Positive Psychology in Action group and started the Global Happiness project with the aim to grow bigger and make a positive change to the world. 

I am now based in London an amazing city where I organise Happiness talks and events for business organisations and the public. I am also a lecturer teaching University BSc and MSc students Psychology. 

I also travel in other countries as well to run Happiness and Mental Health workshops, retreats and seminars. 

Contact to book a meeting

Positive Attitude

People with a positive attitude achieve

better health, success,

quality relationships & self-confidence.

They dream big.

They take action.

They focus on solutions rather than problems.

They succeed.

They choose Happiness. 

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