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Press to reset the World 🔵

I was quite close to London Bridge, in London, when one of the latest terror attacks happened a few months ago, and I experienced the devastation and the panic around me. Every time a horrible attack happens my heart goes to the people affected. And our heart is with the people in Las Vegas today.

We started missing the message of Peace and Happiness somewhere between the news on the television and our accompanied fears. When bad things happen frequently is an indication of mass unhappiness, as Russell Brand called it yesterday.So many stories of horror, disasters, people killing people, or animals, people destroying our planet, terror attacks, fear, hate and war. The world becomes a passive observer and instead of coming closer, we are getting more divided. We let fear and hate win and isolate us from each other.

Our true nature is to be happy and joyful. We are here to create a world where we all live in peace and harmony with each other. But focusing our attention entirely on bad incidents won't solve the problem. We need to do something more. Right now, it is our work to fill the world with even more Love and Compassion and become a bright example for everyone to see.

The world deserves more Happiness and good stories,

so let's start creating more of them.

Spread your positive energy and knowledge wherever you can. - Express Love wherever you go. Be kind to everyone.

- Listen to others and respect their opinions.

- Help your neighbours, your family, friends or even strangers if they are going through problems.

- Teach your kids about respect and compassion.

- No matter what the world tells you, never stop believing that kindness can change the world.

- If you see someone being unfair, speak out.

- Instead of sharing posts and talking about problems that divide the world even more, choose to share solutions and support.

- Educate yourself more and spread your knowledge.

- Believe in your heart that there are still good, amazing and great people in the world. You are one of them.

- Talk about goodness. When people fluid you with negativity, give them a good thing to believe in. Give them hope, talk about love and happiness.

- Smile. It is a good medicine and brings people together.

We are all in this together and together we can build a better humanity.

Let the optimistic, positive and kind people bring a wave of happiness.

Happiness is our responsibility.

Please feel free to share and let us know of any ideas that can bring a positive change.

Keep sending your prayers and positive vibes to all the people affected by attacks or natural disasters.

Much Love,


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