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It is all the little things we do that bring us to what we want to achieve. Looking back now, thinking about all the seminars on Positive Psychology I organised back in my city Thessaloniki, trying to bring positivity to all the people undergoing anxiety and depression due to the economic crisis in Greece, having to do all the organising and management of all of my projects, seminars and workshops, meeting new people and expanding my business, have definitely put me out of the comfort zone I used to be as an academic back in England and I started doing things that I always wanted but I occasionally hesitated to do. Working by yourself is a challenge, can be stressful but, when your passion is the driver, then you will see that you are more than capable of achieving anything you love.

One of the best parts of my work is talking on the media about my work.

This was my first TV appearance. Was a bit anxious? Yes. id I love it? YES! I can't tell you how excited I was to have a few minutes on the telly.

Christina Kanataki is a TV presenter and journalist from Thessaloniki too. She has this positive and very uplifting personality that make even the more anxious guest to feel comfortable and enjoy the interview. So this is when we say that what we give, we will get from others. She gives positivity and she receives it back in a million ways from all her guests. And I couldn't be an exception especially as I was talking about optimism, happiness and all the good stuff overall.

So, here is my first interview. To all those that hesitate, I have to say that thinking about doing something brings much more stress, than when you are actually doing it.

Don't just think... Just do it!

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