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Dr Maria Fotiadou

Health and Positive Psychologist

Empowerment and Happiness Expert

Award Winning International Speaker

Lecturer at the University of Westminster and London South Bank University, UK

Life Coach




Learn how to cope with problems & negative thinking & feelings

& create a Happy Life.

Replace stress, low-confidence

& anxiety  with joy, optimism & success.  

Make your dreams come true.

Smash your goals and achieve the Happy & Dream Life you Deserve. 

Positive Psychology

Hello there!

I am Maria. A Health and Positive Psychologist, Empowerment

and Happiness Coach, Lecturer, Author and an Award Winning International Speaker. 

I am also the founder of the Life Treasure Collector, a platform for inspirational stories of everyday heroes. 

I have worked with thousands of people from around the world dealing with depression, anxiety and stress. I'm thrilled to see every single one of them living a happy and joyful life.  

My mission is to help millions around the world become Confident, Happy, Successful individuals and create an Amazing Life. 

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Do you feel stuck in Life?
Once you start changing, your life will change too!

Dr Maria Fotiadou

Dr Maria Fotiadou - Δρ Μαρία Φωτιάδου

Hi, I'm Maria

Your life changes the moment you decide that you deserve Happiness.

Our ultimate purpose in life is to be Happy. 

Life is much more than fear, stress, anxiety and self-doubt.

To date, I worked with thousands of people dealing with negativity, anxiety, stress and disappointment helping them to explore new pathways to completely transform their lives and become a bright example of positivity, optimism and strength for others too.

Learn today how to change from feeling stressed to feeling blessed.  

The world needs your light.  


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positive Life Coaching

Empowerment & happiness events

Celebrating Heroes

Join the Positive Life Programmes, designed to meet your needs and show you how to

 Create a Happy, Positive and Succesful life! 

Positive Psychology Seminars, 

workshops and meetups teaching  techniques to help you and your team be happy and prosperous in life. 

Join the Life Treasure Collector community.

Share your own positive story and inspire the world!

Don't downgrade your dreams to fit your reality.....
Upgrade your faith to match your destiny!

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You have everything it takes to create a
happy life!



“In 2007, after years of putting up with her alcoholism, I divorced my wife and business partner. In the midst of the World Wide Economic Collapse, I found myself not only dealing with the loss of a loved one, but having to liquidate several commercial properties that also sparked a long expensive court battle. I was devastated to the point of having chose not only the means, but the day of my suicide.   
About that time, I happened to read a Facebook post by Maria Fotiadou on a mutual friend's page. It was inspirational, moving, direct, and to the point. It touched something inside me that made me postpone my plan. Soon I was following her daily posts with great anticipation. Now years latter, I still find strength, and direction from her thoughtful, uplifting posts.
I honestly believe, she saved my Life..."

Michael A Antus / Musician / Minnesota, USA

"If you carry a good thought , it will carry back some more good things. To think about a better future.
The unknown beauty and  good new friends will come to you. I will help her good thought by my art, because I already have similar good thoughts.
Maria is the crossing point of many of the good thoughts of many people. And  the road of good thoughts will be connected.  It will be named as "The treasure roads"

Fuke  / Artist / Japan

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